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govt money 2023 tech online income 2023



govt money 2023 tech online income 2023

Friends today I have taken for you a very important topic which will be very useful for you. That is freelancing. A very important platform for today’s era. Nowadays, many young people have managed to build their careers through freelancing platforms.



Freelancing light has now spread globally as well as in Bangladesh. Today millions of youth are involved in it. Now a days many students who were once unemployed or dependent have now made careers by working.



Now days girls as well as boys are showing interest in this job and many are encouraged to learn the job and build their career here. Friends who are students, young siblings are unemployed or many are unemployed after passing



honors degree and are not getting work. Today you can learn freelancing and earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home. Nowadays, many people are learning freelancing and building their own careers in addition to student life.



Many people now choose freelancing as an easy income platform and see it as a bright path to build their career. Here you don’t have to invest money or work hard, you can earn millions of rupees at home by building up your skills with little effort.



So friends, how to learn freelancing, how to apply and register online, I am explaining everything to you. Stay with us for thisYou can learn freelancing officially govt money 2023 tech online income 2023.



To learn officially, you must go to a government site and register or apply. Today I am going to show you a government site where you can apply for registration with your smartphone. You don’t have to invest or pay any money to



register the application. You can apply on your own using your smartphone for free. So guys to apply you have to go to a government site. Showing you a trusted government site where you can apply for freelancing jobs.



govt money 2023 tech

For that you have to go to google. Go to Google and search. This government site is Govt money2023 tech site bangla. So friends, you have to go to this official site and search. After searching you can see a website coming up.



And there is a form on the web site. Submit your documents in the form. You must have ID card to apply on this site. You can apply from anywhere in the country and abroad by submitting your documents information through NID card.



You must be a citizen of Bangladesh to apply. You cannot apply if you are not a citizen of Bangladesh. About Bangladesh Government teaching freelancing to unemployed students through a government job application.



Citizens of Bangladesh or those who have passports who are expatriates can register online if they want. So friends go to the official site form and update all your documents and give your email or phone number here.



Within 24 hours of application, you will be informed whether your application is successful through SMS on your phone. And if the application is successful, you will be notified by phone SMS within 72 hours of the center and date of your freelancing training class.



So friends, as I said, apply completely free of cost. Build yourself a career by learning freelancing. Friends how do you start class and how do you learn? So friends your center and class date will be informed through SMS.


govt money 2023 tech site bangla

Here you will get a freelancing training class of three months or six months duration. For the training session you have to go to Bangladesh Technical Youth Training Center where you will have classes govt money 2023 tech online income 2023.



The classes here will be conducted by special trainers appointed by the Bangladesh government. You have to do classes of three to six months duration by special train. And there will be classes four days a week.



And you must attend four days a week and never miss any class because missing one class will deprive you of knowledge of a topic. Because if you miss one topic then you will be at a huge loss for freelancing.



And two days a week will be closed Friday and Saturday 2 days government closed. Every week there will be an exam in which your skills will be checked. Friends when your freelancing is over in class. Then you will be given an official



certificate from Bangladesh Government Youth Technical Training Center. Govt certificate so that you can do other jobs or freelancing center in futureFriends you know how important government govt money 2023 tech online income 2023



certificate is if you are going to work abroad or interested to go abroad then having this government certificate will be very good for you. With a government certificate you can work in different companies abroad.



You can get a job as a graphic designer. Because if you get hired as a graphic designer in different countries, you will get a huge salary. And if you go to work abroad, you will see this skill and if you have a government certificate for this,



it will be very easy to get your job. Any company in any country will give you a job or visa if you have a government certificate. Understand how important freelancing government certificate is.


govt money tech site bangla

Moreover, friends, if you want, you can work in various government institutes of the country. Because trainers or teachers are required in various government institutes for which recruitment is done. If you have government certificate then you



can get job easily. If you apply for that appointment, you will get a job. Moreover, if you have a government certificate, if you want to open a privately owned institute, you can open it with that certificate.



With this certificate, you can work in various coaching centers if you want. So, friends who are interested in going abroad, you can visit the official website and register in the salon, as a result of which you can go abroad with a work permit.



Freelancing workers are in high demand abroad. Its salary is three times higher than other jobs. So friends, after learning freelancing, you can open ID and practice for work. If you want, you can open an ID of freelancing online.


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And can visit for customers by opening the ID. Friends for freelancing jobs you will first get job at Upwork and you will visit. Guys it will be difficult to get work at first because there are better skilled



workers than you in freelancing platform because at first your id will not rank that much. That’s why it’s a little difficult to get a job at first. First you will visit for work first and try to take small jobs govt money 2023 tech online income 2023.



Govt financial money

Because you won’t get big jobs first, you will keep working on small jobs. Keep one thing in mind whether the work is small or big and accept the work. Work to get a good review from the customer govt money 2023 tech online income 2023.



If you do a job successfully then the customer will leave a good feedback against your ID. Later your ID will stand in a good position. It is very important and beneficial for you. So, friends, at first, whatever the loss or profit, you will work up.



Friends learn freelancing to get different jobs. Like Facebook marketing. YouTube Marketing. instagram marketing Tik Tok Marketing.Twitter Marketing. Facebook marketing is happening guys. If a client wants to increase followers on his Facebook ID.



He wants to boost his Facebook ID or page. In that case if you increase followers by boosting. In that case you can get a hefty payment. YouTube marketing is happening govt money 2023 tech online income 2023.



A client can give you work if he wants to edit his YouTube pages. You can earn by doing these jobs. To say Instagram marketing. Those who need followers will pay you 100 dollars for 2-5 thousand followers. You will increase their followers for 100 dollars.


govt money 2023 bKash

This is basically Instagram marketing. Twitter is marketing. Friends, by now you know that Twitter is a social media like Facebook. There are personal IDs of different people. Here through it many people share their personal daily life style and various post opinions.



Here if a person wants to increase his number of followers. Digital marketing can get you work that will pay you so many dollars for so many followers you do the work. Friends will take care of your work. Friends keep one thing in mind.



Do not contact or work with any person outside of the freelancing platform. There are many fraudulent clients on this platform. Those who will not pay for your work. You may be a victim of fraud. Guys you will be working with a European client.



Europe lines do not cheat or pay correctly. Always keep one thing in mind before starting work, the person who took the job will visit the id. Check the feedback of his work, check his rank, check his ID govt money 2023 tech online income 2023.



Will you check the status of his work ID, if it is good then you will take the job, if not, no need. Friends, make your own career by teaching freelancing. Stand by the family. See you with some new topics till then stay well.


Thank you all Allah Hafez.



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