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govt money 2023 tech site bangla free income 2023



govt money 2023 tech site bangla free income 2023

Assalamu Alaikum how are you friends hope everyone is doing well. So friends as usual today we are going to discuss another important topic. Which I think is very important for you. That will be very useful in your life. This is freelancing.



Freelancing is a very popular medium in the world of online income these days. You can earn thousands of rupees by freelancing. The light of freelancing work has spread all over the world govt money 2023 tech site bangla free income 2023.



Now thousands of people are doing freelancing work. Many are working freelancing alongside student life to pay for their studies. Today is the age of information technology. In this age of information technology, many people



have adapted online income by making online income. You can work at your convenience. Freelancing Income is a very cool platform. Where you can earn money. At present Bangladesh has a large population. They are making a career by working in freelancing.



Today’s youth society is leaning towards freelancing. Being an easy and popular means of freelancing income. Along with men, many women are taking initiative in this work. Currently in different parts of Bangladesh. Private freelancing firms have sprung up.



Where women, men and teenagers are all taught freelancing work. So there are friends who are students, brothers and sisters. You can learn to work in freelancing along with your studies.


govt money 2023 tech site bangla

If you learn freelancing work alongside your studies. This will be good for you. You will move to a good platform along with studies and earn money there. You can make yourself and your family financially prosperous.



At times many students are involved in this work. Day by day its interest and demand is increasing. There are currently unemployed brothers and sisters. Those who are tired of constantly searching for jobs. You can build your own career by



learning and freelancing if you want without applying for jobs. Because you can earn more money freelancing online income than job. Many students have brothers and sisters who are on the move for jobs govt money 2023 tech site bangla free income 2023.



And lost a lot of money while applying for jobs. They are currently bored and earning money by learning freelancing jobs. So friends, if you want to learn freelancing in private, you need money. You will need 5 to 10 thousand rupees to learn freelancing privately.



Because currently thousands of private freelancing coaching centers have been created. How am I free today? Freelancing can be learned, I will inform you about this. Today I will talk about one such official site.


govt money 2023 tech

Where you can learn the work of freelancing completely free with your smartphone. If you apply with your smartphone or laptop on the government site, you can learn freelancing for free, no need to hire any money here.



You can learn freelancing officially for free. To learn officially you must come within a rule. So friends, if you want to learn officially, you have to go to an official site and apply for freelancing. This is the original official site.



Govt money 2023 tech site bangla This site is actually a government site. Here are the opportunities to apply for freelancing. If you want to learn freelancing officially, you must go to this official site and apply.



In this official way you can apply for learning freelancing for free. So friends how to apply for learning freelancing for free and how to learn work I am discussing everything with you in detail. Friends to apply you will need



smartphone or laptop or computer phone google or krom browser. Go search. govt money 2023 tech site bangla. So friends can see the site is running after searching. Friends you will find here a form learn freelancing for free.



Click on the form. and click on the form. As per your National NID. Submit all the documents there. Enter the important digit number of your NID card. Put your phone number or Gmail account number in that form.


govt financial money

Because you will be informed through SMS on that Gmail or phone number whether your application has been accepted. is acceptable. Within 72 hours you will be told the name of the center and date for your training over the phone.



So guys when is your class time. Center name will be informed through SMS on your phone. You will move to the center for the freelancing class as per the said date. And attend your classes on time and study important topics carefully.



Here you can have three to four classes a week. Freelancing course duration is three months long and six months long. I will refer you if you have time then you can enroll for six months freelancing class.



Because if you enroll in freelancing class for 6 months, you can learn a lot. It will be good for you if you take time to understand the aspects of freelancing. Friends to test your skills during freelancing class.



There will be an exam every week. And your freelancing class will be government officials. You will basically be taught freelancing at technical youth development training center in Bangladesh.


tech site bangla

All types of youth development work of Bangladesh are done here. So friends when your class is over. You can try to work yourself if you want. Friends, if you want to take up work of your freelancing, you must take up work on your freelancing platform.



Among the freelancing platforms, jobs are available on upwork. You must first create a Fiber ID of Freelancing to take up a friend’s work. And after creating ID you have to search for job. At first friends you will not get any big job.



Have to work on small tasks. First of all, the reason is that you are not getting the big money job. Because there are many skilled freelancers in this place before you. Handling large tasks. Your ID rank is not that good compared to them.


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That’s why you can’t do big things early. Because the client will check your ID before giving the job. Check how skilled you are or how your ID rank is? You will get job according to your ID rank.



Friends, you will take small jobs first and work on small jobs. When you do small jobs your ID will go to good rank and later you will get big jobs. So guys firstly your main task is to make your ID a little bigger.


govt financial money tech site bangla

You have to improve your ID feedback with small tasks. If the client after seeing your work gives a good feedback to your ID then your ID will do well. So friends you will get small jobs in the beginning. After taking the job, you must deal with the client.



You will work with payment first. You may be a victim of fraud if you work without taking money. The client you are taking on must know before taking on the work. Check the ID of that client. How is the payment feedback of that client’s work?



If it is good, you will take the job, if not, there is no need. There are different types of jobs. Here are different types of stuff like designing. Bottle Logo Designing T-Shirt Logo Designing etc. So friends, before working, you must check and



work. Do not engage in conversations with other apps outside of the freelancing platform to contact clients for work. If you engage in a conversation with a client outside of the freelancing platform, you may be a victim of fraud.



So friends make your future bright by doing freelancing work. Be self-reliant, make your family self-reliant.  govt money 2023 tech site bangla free income 2023 see you again with a new topic. Stay well and stay healthy.


Thank you all. 



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