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govt money 2023 tech site bangla govt financial money 2023



govt money 2023 tech site bangla govt financial money 2023

Assalamu Alaikum how are you friends hope everyone is doing well. Today I am going to discuss a different type of topic. This is about the current job system in Bangladesh. There are currently thousands of unemployed siblings in



Bangladesh who are applying on various government sites hoping for a job. But many times it is seen that what is happening to many is not happening to many. Many are being cheated by applying on various sites.



You are losing your money by applying on the site but the application is not getting done. To solve the problem today I have brought you an official site where you can register or apply with your smartphone.
You can face the written and oral test for the job.



The real site I will tell you about the job is a government site. govt money 2023 tech site bangla. You are getting job opportunities by just applying or registering with your smartphone or laptop on this site govt money 2023 tech site bangla govt financial money 2023.



This site is currently approved by the Government of Bangladesh. Friends understand this is a real official site. So friends without delay go here and register yours today. All types of government job recruitment in Bangladesh are published here.



For example Bangladesh Forest Department. Bangladesh Forest Department. Bangladesh Ministry of Animal Agriculture. Bangladesh Land Office. Bangladesh Railway. Bangladesh Biman. Cooperative Society Office.


govt money 2023 tech site bangla

Bangladesh Agricultural University Recruitment. National University Recruitment. Bangladesh Meteorological Department. Bangladesh Climate Directorate. Appointment of the Ministry of Forests and Animal Protection.



Bangladesh Police Recruitment Recruitment in Bangladesh Ansar. Bangladesh mango police recruitment. Moreover, all the military recruitment of Bangladesh is published here. For example Bangladesh army recruitment.



Bangladesh Air Force Recruitment Bangladesh Navy Recruitment Moreover Bangladesh Border Guard Recruitment Publish Bangladesh Rapid Action Battalion Recruitment is published here. Moreover, the recruitment of various



government medical entrance exams of Bangladesh is published. Bangladesh BSc Nursing Recruitment is published here. Bangladesh MBBS admission recruitment exam is published here. Also Bangladesh BCS cadre recruitment is published this,



Bangladesh Railway Police Recruitment is published here. How to apply or register for government jobs in Bangladesh? How to participate in the written oral exam for the job How to get the job? I am explaining everything to you one by one, so please stay with us.



Now I will discuss about Bangladesh Border Guard. Border Guard means BGB. So friends Govt Money 2023 tech site bangla job recruitment has been released in September 2023. And this recruitment is about Bangladesh BGB govt money 2023 tech site bangla govt financial money 2023.



The recruitment publication by Bangladesh government shows that Bangladesh Border Guard needs 1000 soldiers. So friends understand that there is a huge opportunity here. Friends, those of you who have passed HSC are between 18 to 23 years old.


govt money 2023 tech

Go to this official website to apply. Friends, go to this official site with your smartphone or laptop and register or applyHere is a form in the form you have to put your name, what year you gave SSC what year was your GPGPA and also what year you passed HSC and its GP.



Then select your respective district quota. You will give your phone number and email number here. and submit. Within 15 days of submission you will be informed about your center name through SMS.


On the said date you will be present at the center with your application form card along with all government academic certificates. Everyone will be present at 8:00 am on that day. And you must bring swimwear govt money 2023 tech site bangla govt financial money 2023.



When you stand in front of the center your SMS will be checked one by one and you will be admitted inside. After checking in you will be taken to your center field. After being taken to the field, you will be made to stand in a long line.



A BGB officer will come and check all your documents and ID cards. After everything is checked you have to prepare for the physical test and first there will be a race. And everyone has to participate in the race.



If you don’t participate in the race, you will lose your job. Friends you all have to keep in mind that everyone will bring clothes from home for the race competition. After completing the race you will be required to participate in a physical examination.


govt financial money 2023

During the physical examination, two medical officers will take all of your physical measurements. Chest size will check height and weightAfter checking these, the hands, feet, nails, eyes of the job application candidate will be checked,



in which case the eye sight should be 6.6. If the eye sight is not 6.6 you can be rejected. Your body’s limbs will be checked well in case of broken limbs you can be rejected. After passing the test, you will proceed to the next step.



The next step is to attend the written test. To participate in the exam, you must have basic knowledge such as English, Maths, General Knowledge, Bengali. Depending on the above subject, you will have a test of 100 marksYou need to score at least 60 to 70 marks to clear the written exam.



Then you won’t be eligible for the job. Friends understand that you need to take a good preparation for the written exam. The written test will be held on the second day of the physical test. The exam will be held at 9 am govt money 2023 tech site bangla govt financial money 2023.



For that you have to bring everything with rubber pencil pen calculator. You will be given only exam center paper and nothing else so you need to bring all necessary materials. 100 marks exam in written exam. I am describing the question structure as it will be.



There will be 20 questions on Bengali. Questions on English will have 20 marks. There will be 30 questions for English and Gamma. There will be 30 questions on general knowledge. You will have a written test on the said 100 numbers.



And the time limit will be only three hours. And within three hours you have to answer 100 numbers. So friends, after participating in the written exam, the result will be given on the next working day. Next day morning your name and roll



number will be called in the field and the results of successful candidates will be given. So friends after result you have to participate in swimming competition. Friends for the swimming competition you will be taken to a big pool in a pond.


govt money tech site bangla

Where you will be prepared for swimming and if you pass the swimming. To get to the next step will have to take. Friends, the next step after the Sata pass is the medical examination. In the final medical examination, the Bangladesh Border



Guard officer will conduct various tests through the machine and check whether the candidate has any type of serious diseaseThen the next step isoral examination Friends will sit an oral board there to participate in the oral test.



Bangladesh Border Guard officials will conduct the exam. Here you will be asked general knowledge questions, if you can answer them correctly, you will pass. After a few days, you will be informed about the confirmation through SMS on



your phone, for the next step, you will be sent to Dhaka for the blood test. You will have a blood test at Dhaka Pilkhana, if your result is negative, you will get a job opportunity. Within a few days there will be an official police verification by



Bangladesh Border Guard where you will be verified whether you are a citizen of Bangladesh or your parents are citizens of Bangladesh. Whether you are a resident of the district where you have applied or your parents are permanent residents of that district.


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Besides that whether you have land or place in that district. If the verification is correct you will be taken to the next step. And that is you will be sent for a one year training session. Tenning session will be held at BGB Pilkhana.


tech site bangla

Here you have to learn various trainings for 1 year. You have to work hard. When your training is over you will be sent to your respective district posting govt money 2023 tech site bangla govt financial money 2023.



Bangladesh BGB job benefits are here salary basic scale is 25 to 30 thousand taka for soldiers. Besides, soldiers have medical allowance and ration allowance every month. Apart from that, there is medical allowance for soldiers, if you



suffer from any kind of critical illness during your service life, you will get free treatment by the government. All expenses will be borne by Bangladesh Border Guard Authority. Another benefit of government jobs is that you will get



two bonuses every year. You will get two bonuses on two Eids. Besides, there is salary incentive every year, you will get salary increment every year according to the job scale. When the BGB service in Bangladesh is over, you will be retired by the Bangladesh government.



Bangladesh government will give you a hefty amount of retirement allowance so that you can live a normal life later on. There are many student brothers and sisters in Bangladesh educated young brothers and sisters who can get



government jobs by applying on various websites for jobs. So friends, without delay, go to this official Govt money 2023 tech site bangla site and apply today. Friends who are unemployed students brothers and sisters apply for jobs and join government jobs and make your



family financially prosperous. Friends, see you again with a new topic. Until then, stay healthy govt money 2023 tech site bangla govt financial money 2023.


Assalamu Alaikum.



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