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free freelancing course 2022 tech site bangla

Assalamualaikum how are you all friends I hope everyone is well so friends today I have come up with another post of freelancing with you today I will discuss in today’s post I will discuss Bing Ads part 2 I will show you how to do the job and



how to work online and that job is for others Today I will teach you everything from how to take love, if you do not have to read this post carefully, but you will not understand anything.




One of the functions of fiber is bing ad and there are many functions of fiber bing ad. It will tell you how to work and how to work through fiber online and how to market online. The video is about bing ad. Friends have given in the video




how to do bing ads. Those who want to do digital marketing or those who have done digital marketing or have done at least a little bit of understanding have understood because there are many types of digital marketing jobs free freelancing course 2022 tech site bangla.




Marketing Marketing and Email Marketing YouTube Promotion Music Promotion There are many types of jobs. Under digital marketing there are many types of jobs. Among those job categories, bing ad is one of the jobs that can be used online. You can take work online through



fiber but you can take work online in many ways There is a way to make money marketing and Facebook marketing is your job. Friends, you have to do the work yourself. The customer will hire you with a bing id and tell you that in order to put ads in his ID, you have to put his apps and




you work. Before you take it, talk to him or the customer well, the customer wants and you have to put the low ad and how to put the ad, you have to understand all his demands, then you have to take the job and you will tell how much moneyfree freelancing course 2022 tech site bangla.



you can do the job and If Fiber has a job then pay because you will pay through Fiber for work on Fiber. If you have taken the job online or through social media then the customer must pay before because if you don’t take payment from customer first but pay later.




If you lose out on customer calls, then friends need to be careful about this because it has been observed many times on social media that many customers pay later with cards. If you are not or will be blocked later then you have to be vocal about this and you must talk to the




customer well beforehand and if you need to take half the payment first through PayPal or you have to accept it through any banking then do any social work. In the case of media, it is better to work on fiber because there is a lot of problem because fiber is a thing where customers are




given more facilities and those who work are told that facilities are given less. Some of it is good but if I don’t take money then it is not good to take payment for social media work and remember that while working you will take a free freelancing course 2022 tech site bangla




certain time and do the work within the specified time because within the specified time you will not pay If you can’t pay for Fiber, they will report it to you. You need to gain knowledge or have an idea about how it can be transferred to your Fiber account. In the case of media, tell your customer




how long it will take you to do your job and how much money it will take you to get the job done. You understand everything. Even though it is working, you can earn thousands of rupees through fiber in this way, but if you are new, then I




must tell you that there are videos on our site that you can download the tips of fiber and you can work on fiber for free. You can learn and freelancing digital marketing everything we give video on our site so friends you can download the video from there or let us know a lot about



you in chimbangla chu details discuss about fiber digital marketing facebook marketing already bing ad 1 bing ad work Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! If you learn these two things, friends, if you learn these two things, you’ll open one five times. And the thing



that you know how to open a nice way and after opening the bing ads find the keyword but you open the gig on fiber then what you have to do and if there is your gift on the first page of your fiber fiber account but you can easily get the job.




If you are not the first to go, but it is very difficult to get a job in Fiber, then you must find a friend and open it well, but then you will get a job here and you will be able to work there nicely, so I taught you a job. Learn more about how to work




from scratch and bring biryani with you. I will show you how to work with friends so that your friends can tell you how it works and for those of us who already work on fiber we have a total of four topics. I talked about or talked about four things like giving a video of Facebook marketing and what is Facebook marketing and how to




work and how fiber One of the things we have to fix is ​​that we have posted and given it, but in the end Nutrition will finally download your video and get there and read it well. Today I have discussed your bing-ass, so my friends, if you have read our




nutrition completely well, but you will understand from today’s work and how to do the work and how to earn money by working, I told you everything, then the friends must comment us. Let them know and they have a problem or don’t understand your work. They must also let us know in the comments.



freelancing course video download (part-4)




So friends, for your convenience, we must download the video with bing ads or video. You must watch the video or watch it online and remember first but don’t take you directly to the video. For convenience drive you must download the video and drive you can watch online if you




want. I will tell you that after watching the video you will finally eat again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again And all you have to do after learning the job is




Goo to Fiber and get a gift with bing ads then all you have to do is take your work there and also do the work online and if you do the work through other means you will get payment from the customer then friends You can work through Fiber online or you can work through social




media Those who have not done the work will definitely work on it. InshaAllah you will get some money from there and today I have taught you a job for free. So friends let us know by commenting and stay by our side and of course remember that you need computer and free freelancing course 2022 tech site bangla.




computer but you can do the job only if you have mobile but you can’t do these things because you need a computer or a laptop to work on fiber Don’t forget it and many have told us that it is possible to work with mobile because it is not possible to work with mobile. Of course you




understand our words and you must be able to work from there and it is possible to work through laptop computer because with mobile somehow These cannot be done because the work of fiber digital marketing and graphic design can be done only by computer and can be




done by any computer or computer you have to have net, you don’t have network, you have to have wifi but you can work online or fiber You can work, you can do the work that you have seen today, but of course you have understood



the work and in the end the work will be done by you. Let us know by commenting and stay by our side and let us know by commenting more and more so friends stay well till then stay healthy stay beautiful free freelancing course 2022 tech site bangla.


Thanks everyone




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