govt money 2023 tech site make money



govt money 2023 tech site make money

Today I will discuss a new topic which is very important for you. That is online income freelancing. Freelancing income is currently a popular medium for all young people. Those who have brothers and sisters with Beka can definitely learn.



The fate of many people in Bangladesh has changed by working. Many people were unemployed not self-sufficient many were self-sufficient and managed to eliminate unemployment. By earning money through freelancing, many have



been able to eliminate the poverty of their families. Friends, there are many students, brothers and sisters, who have passed SSC or are studying intermediate, while studying intermediate or HSC, many are learning freelancing and building themselves along with career studies.



Currently, Bangladesh has a population  about 20 crores. Out of the 20 crore population, about 5 crore people are working and the rest are unemployed. So friends who are students brothers and sisters and unemployed and brothers and



sisters who are there, learn freelancing today and build your career thereFriends, if you want you can learn freelancing in government mode because no money is required in government mode. You can learn your freelancing completely govt money 2023 tech site make money.



You have to apply on the official website. You can apply for freelancing on your official website with your smartphone. No money is required here. Friends, how do you apply on the official website, how do you start the class, I am explaining



everything to you? I will discuss this in detail. Plus, if you want to apply in the official way, first you have to apply or register on the official website. Friends remember to apply here you must be a citizen of Bangladesh.


govt money 2023 tech

Because your NID card number will be required for your application. NID card number and your phone number should be submitted there. So friends can apply very easily with smartphone in hand. If you want to apply, go to Google with your smartphone.



Go to Google and search this official site. This govt job is Govt money 2023 tech friends you have to apply here. Click on this site. Hi friends, you will see that only one form will appear after clicking on this site govt money 2023 tech site make money.



In this form, you will submit the details with your NID number and a gmail or mobile number according to your NID. So friends within 24 hours of application you will be informed through SMS on your phone whether your application has been approved or not.



If your application is accepted, you will get a message. And center and date for your class will be informed within 72 hours of application. So friends you will attend the class according to the said date. There will be classes four days a week.



Friends don’t miss any class by paying attention to how many classes you attend. If you miss a class then it can be a problem for your career if you missed the topic. If a topic is disrupted based on knowledge you will lose govt money 2023 tech site make money.


govt money 2023 tech site bangla

So friends you should study the freelancing classes as carefully as you can without neglecting and understand each and every topic in a very important way. Don’t keep your complications on any topic. Understand the classes carefully. Here you can do classes for three months or six months.



If you have time, I would prefer to take a class after 6 months and if you do a class for 6 months your skill development will be better. During the freelancing class, the trainer will explain to you about various tasks, how to deal with foreign clients and how to get work,



what kind of dollars to ask for a job, give you an idea about such topics. And during the class, you will have an exam on various topics here, you will attend this topic exam. And when you complete the course of six months duration or



three match duration you will be gifted a laptop from the government to the best performer. And besides that you will get a government certificate from the government authority to learn what you did government from the government of bangladesh.



It will be very useful for your skills or later job life. If you have a govt certificate you are safe from there because you can get job in any international company in london with this govt certificate next video london with this freelancing certificate.



Moreover, if you want, you can get a job in various government institutes of the country with this freelancer certificate because if you have that certificate, you will be given importance in any government job govt money 2023 tech site make money.


govt financial money

If it’s govt you can work in any private institute with freelancing certificate. Generally speaking Freelancing certificate is very important for any work in job life. Friends now I will discuss how you can start freelancing career for work afresh after completing freelancing class.



So friends you will be a bit difficult in the new situation. In this platform you have more senior or more skilled scale workers on the platform. In that case you won’t get big or big number jobs, you have to get a good review with small jobs first.


FREE – 30,000/= Tk New Online Earning Site 2023



Good for your ID if you can get good customer reviews for your small work. Because your ID will rank on that platform because of your good reviews. In that case you’d better get the job done. Who can develop this ID of yours? Friends,



first of all you should remember that you will start your career with small jobs. I don’t understand Tamuda, you won’t get big jobs at first, you should do small jobs and raise your ID on a good platform. So friends remember another thing.



If you want to work lunching, you must look for up work work. Off work site is the best site for freelancing jobs here you will find small and big jobs from different teams. There may be different tasks depending on the type of work. Designing different companies.


govt money tech site bangla

Design different bottles. Designing graphics for multinational companies. Moreover, you can do different types of upwork here. Such as Instagram marketing. Make money online facebook marketing Here you can earn money by marketing them.tagram marketing.



There aand friends who will contact you like this to increase followers on Instagram ID. If you can increase that person’s followers, you will be paid dollars for this work govt money 2023 tech site make money.


govt money tech site

Moreover, if you can increase a person’s Facebook followers, you will get paid for that work. Also you can do marketing to increase followers on youtube. Friends, you will always look for work on upwork site because you will get work on upwork



siteAnother thing to remember is never to do the rest of the work. Get your payment and get to work. No, if you work with it, you may be a victim of fraud. Another thing to remember is that before taking the job, click on the client’s profile and see if the client is from Europe or not.



Another thing to remember is that you must try to take the payment before the job. Will be saved. And never go outside the platform and contact anyone. In this case, go outside the freelancing website and do not contract with anyone for work.



Then you may be a victim of fraud. Because the fraudulent customer will try to contact you through other apps by taking you out of the freelancing website. Friends understand. Patience is the work of all. And build your own career. Stay healthy stay well Allah Hafez.


Assalamu Alaikum.




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