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govt money 2023 tech site 2023



govt money 2023 tech site 2023

Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters how are you all I hope you are all well. Today I am going to discuss one such topic in 2023 that is job circular.govt money 2023 tech site 2023.



Bangladesh is a populous country, it is very challenging to get a government job in this country. Bangladesh government releases various government jobs for manpower recruitment at different times of the year according to its government



sector. Many of you who are unemployed brothers and sisters and student brothers and sisters are harassed to look for job or can’t find the right job site and how to participate in written and oral test and how to give exam.



We are going to give a proper solution for it today. Now we are going to discuss about one such site which is a government site where various government applications or recruitments are published. That is happening.



Govt money 2023 tech site bangla This site govt publishes various government application and recruitment. If you want, brothers and friends, you can go to this site and apply. Here there are various government freebies according to



different job categories, you have to pay through Sonali Bank treasury challan. Moreover, now various applications for government jobs can be given through free rocket or development govt money 2023 tech site 2023.



An application of Bangladesh Police has been published on 20th August 2023. This is Bangladesh Police Constable Recruitment. For police constable application you official site govt
money 2023 Tech site bangla can apply this.


govt money 2023 tech

In addition to this, you have to pay for free by running the treasury of Sonali Bank. After giving free you have to appear according to the scheduled date of examination according to your respective district quota.



To apply for Bangladesh constable you must be a citizen of Bangladesh your father or mother must be a citizen of Bangladesh you must be a permanent resident of Bangladesh Permanent resident of Bangladesh cannot apply and even if you have a job your job will be



canceled and BangladeshTo be eligible for police you must be at least 5 feet 6 inches and apart from that you must be a good swimmer but you must know how to swim as well as you must be good at running because before participating in



the physical test you must participate in a raceYou must pass. Make sure to apply according to your respective district quota while applying and give all the details correct according to your birth registration or NID.



There are three exams for Bangladesh Police Constable. First is the physical examination. After passing the physical exam, the second is written exam. After clearing the written exam, your final step is the Vaiba or the oral exam.



After clearing the Vaiba or Oral Exam you will have to face another exam which is the Final Medical. If you get a good report in the final medical, you will get a job. I will now discuss the details of how you should prepare for these exams or how



the exams will be conducted. On the day of physical examination, you will go to your own police line and line up at 9 am. When the time is up, you one by one. When the time is up, you will be allowed to enter the police line through the



process one by one. In police line here you have different quota like the question is freedom fighter quota. Tribal Quota General quota. You will stand in a queue according to your quota and can see the physical or physical examination process



started in no time. Body measurement program is here for boys girls boys girls chest measurement height and weight. You will be selected if you qualify the said exam. And if you are not effective in this exam as per government rules then you are. will be considered cancelled.


govt money 2023 tech site bangla

After clearing the physical test, you will have to face another second test. It is a written test. Marks of written exam will be 100 marks. Various general knowledge questions will be asked here.



And Maths subject will be subject to English Grammar. You should get atleast 60 marks out of that 100 marks. If you get 60 to 70 marks out of 100 then you will reach the second step.



If you clear the written test, you will have to appear in the third step, the oral test. The oral exam consists of facing various general knowledge questions. This test will be verified by various senior police officers govt money 2023 tech site 2023.



You will be asked various questions by senior police officers and if you answer correctly you will pass. After you pass you will be called for final medical. You must be fit for the final medical. Here various parts of your body will be examined.



If you pass here. Then you will get a job.After the final medical there will be an official verification by the Bangladesh Police, whether the candidate is a permanent resident of Bangladesh or a citizen, it will be verified by the



Bangladesh PoliceWhether you are a permanent resident of that area or that place, whether your father is a permanent resident of that area, or whether you have land or a house here, if these things are proved to be false, you will be terminated



from your job, and you will face a fine or district by the government of Bangladesh. After the police verification you have to undergo a training for six months. It will be at Police Training Center of Bangladesh. There you have to take training from 6 months.


govt money 2023

There you will be taught how to shoot a rifle. And there will be training on how to deal with the opponent. Answer After completing the training you will be posted at your destination. Here various knowledge and general knowledge



written and oral tests will be done. How will you prepare for the exam or will you get the question somewhere. For this you need to read various general knowledge books. Moreover, there is Bangladesh Police Recruitment Guide which you must read.



If Allah you read and practice properly, hope you get a good result. If you pass the test then it shows that you are 70% qualified for the job. Eating test is very important here if you pass there is a chance.



To pass, you need to read various knowledge books and be proficient in general knowledge and mathematics. Besides, if you are proficient in English subject, if you are not proficient in all these subjects, you will not be able to



pass the written exam. Why brothers and friends and those who are there must practice these things at home. Take proper and proper exam preparation. Without good preparation you cannot clear the written exam.



For brothers and friends you must study to clear the written exam. In written test there will be 20 to 30 marks for maths here you have percentage marks they have profit and loss loss marks Algebra quality assessment marks and English



will include paragraph application bangla to english translation synonyms and antonyms.How you will face in Viba exam and what questions are asked there. Various general knowledge questions are asked here.



As well as your Nijfor who will be questioned? To get a good preparation in the oral exam, I would definitely suggest you to watch some videos on YouTube and how to complete the oral exam, how to prepare the answers, you will govt money 2023 tech site 2023.


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understand better through YouTube videos. And after going through those topics you take a good preparation for the oral exam. Hope you will do well in the exam and as a job candidate you will be successful in the job.


govt money 2023 bKash

govt money 2023 Tech site bangla govt site publishes government jobs as well as various private jobs recruitment besides various government jobs like army recruitment. Navy recruitment circular is published.



You must pass SSC for army service. And your physical fitness should be good. Army first test is physical fitness here physical fitness is better. You can apply. Physical fitness test is taken first in Bangladesh army.



Physical fitness will check if you have broken arms and legs, your height and your eyes will be checked. The eye rain limit should be 6.6. After passing the preliminary physical examination will be c


govt money tech site bangla

The final medical is a very thorough physical examination. Various medical tests will be done here. If the medical test result is very good. Then pass the final medical. After passing final medical. Written test will be conducted.



Here there will be a test of Bangladesh academic general knowledge and mathematics subject English subject. If you pass the exam The next step is the oral exam. After passing the oral test.



There will be a police verification by the Bangladesh government where the candidate’s nationality and permanent address will be verified. After completion of verification the candidate has to attend one year training.



Thank you for staying with us. Good luck everyone. Assalamualaikum.



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