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Assalamualaikum friends how are you all I hope everyone is fine so friends today I will show you how to make money online there are many ways to earn money online like making money from app making money from different sites there are many other types of work online like digital Marketing graphics design and you can earn a lot of money from youtube.





If you are new to the job, you know how to make money from the app is very easy to earn money from the app. There is no need to invest, if you can work with a mobile phone and those who have a laptop or computer can also work. You have to spend and Spain If you do regular one month or 15 days or one week then you will accumulate a lot of coins and these coins translate The easiest way to get your money through banking is to develop bKash.





Friends, you will also take bKash payment from bKash and there are many types of sites for earning money. I will link all the sites under your post. If you work, you can become self-sufficient. There are many steps taken by others, such as freelancing and digital marketing. Many have become self-sufficient. I can already see that many young people in our country are earning money in this way.






If you give guidelines then work online without wasting time on social media. Many people may think that you can’t earn money because you know what work is online work. I am telling them that it is very easy to earn money online if you work according to the rules.





There are other sites, if you look at the other side and do the right thing, you will be able to earn money right You have to work according to the rules. There will be many types of apps on the website, so you have to show all the friends. You have to see each ad. After two weeks from these you will receive payment through bKash and and to earn easy money through the app such as download the Earn Money app from Google. You will see a lot of ads here after you go to it. You will see one of them every day.





You will visit the app five to ten times a day and many of you will come through the ad. Slowly you will be credited with the deposit coins, what will you do? Payment in development and there are many different types of sites. There are apps. I would like to share with you friends that there is a step like digital marketing, digital marketing is a job that can be done at home, one and a half thousand rupees and lakhs of rupees can be earned in a month. Digital marketing has many steps such as Google Arts Many types of content are created.





These require a developer to do SEO. So you can do any one course. Digital Marketing or Graphic Design Any one of these jobs. Deb and those who want to learn, let me know in the comments below and I will give you all the guidelines of A to Z video of digital marketing and all that is needed.





Those who have earned money from Armani website must let me know through comments and those who have not been able to earn money will know how to earn money. If you do not understand, you must tell me, I will solve those problems for you. Bong side, the name of the new apps, to make money, I must tell you, so friends, today I have shared the online income video site with you, another day, digital marketing graphic with you. Design Spotify I will share about these. There are many kinds of work.






There are many kinds of videos in the education of these friends. You want to watch them. You can watch them on YouTube and I have made these videos free on YouTube. I will start the work of digital marketing graphic design. Those who want to be added, I will definitely contact them by commenting below and I will add them to my free course and those who will be added will not need any money.





They just have to be a mobile and have to be an Android mobile. You can learn Till Marketing or Graphic Design or you have a lot of trouble with Graphic Design. They may be with some money or some more or less money but I will teach you that it will not cost any money at all. If you like this post please let me know in the comments and let us know how you can make more money making apps.





We will share new apps or money making sites with you and those who want to take a freelancing course or digital marketing prava graphics. If you want to learn design, comment me and I will check the comment option. I will definitely inform you how and where to learn how to work and for those who do not want to learn how to work, I will easily show you new sites and new apps for earning money.





You have to have a bKash number. Your boyfriend doesn’t have your bKash number from your factory. You can’t take payment because bKash a. Money can be transferred through beautiful and easy means or any website is very important for you to take payment for money development. If you do not take payment for money development, then you will see that in many parts of you money will not come or money processing will be late.






I think take payment for bKash There is no payment for bKash as I take bKash payment from websites and apps so I will suggest you to take bKash payment and for those of you who are starting work it is important that you work every day if not work If you do, you will not be able to earn money. If you miss work, your coins will not come and money will not be credited. You have to go and do regular work, you will accumulate more coins, you will earn more money, so





I will suggest you, these are your work. Earn Rain and Regular Money Now if you start your business from now on, you can earn better money in the future. You can earn more and more money and there are many more sites that will let you know and you can gain experience. If you do not work now and earn money online I have been working online for the last two years and I am earning a lot of other money, so I will suggest you to work online.





Working for others is a very easy way for us if we work. If I can’t, then we can’t work in any other way. I think you can earn money online by sitting on these two sites. I have mentioned the names of the two sites, the name of the app and the name of the website in your number. You must download it from Google and the name of the web site is Earnings Website.





There are many types of apps like Robbins. I will name them as other posts. Now work from these two sites. You will be informed later and if you like the post, you must like, comment and let us know what kind of post you want. I will give that kind of post and give all other kind of guidelines so friends so far today


1 apps

2 apps

3 apps



I hope everyone will be well, stay healthy and earn money and live a healthy life and you will wait for our next post. I’ll show you the sites. Friends, stay well till today.

Thank you all

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