Free Freelancing course part 3



Free Freelancing course part 3

Assalamualaikum how are you friends I hope everyone is well friends so today’s class is an important class in which I will talk about fiverr and how to open the gig on fiber and how to use fiverr gree in full I will tell you all the details friends must read carefully free freelancing course.




Fiverr is a medium to work online where you can find work online and get the job done or a medium to work online Fiber has got a lot of jobs and now fiber has become so popular that it is very easy to get a job in fiverr.



If you are a freelancer then you must work through Fiber because Fiber is an online medium from which to work. It is very easy to get and it is possible to earn a lot of money by getting a job because many people are getting jobs through Fiber and they are working online.



There are many types of jobs. There are many types of jobs in Fiber. You can work from there. It is very easy to make money or withdraw money by working on Arben Fiber. It is very easy to withdraw money from someone’s Fiverr free freelancing course.




There are many people who work on Fiber for this. If not, but it will not work, and if you want to have a Fiber account, you must have a Fiber account with a PC, if you have any other Fiber account open before, but you will not have a PC. But then you can create your Fiber account and



after retrieving the Fiber account you must arrange the Fiber account neatly and give the category you know the work you must remember. If you have to, but it is possible to get a job on Fiber and Fiber Tick will survive.




You have to be careful about that because once the fiber is disabled but you will lose a lot because it takes a lot of time and a lot of work to calculate the fiber and you have to sort out the fiber account because the fiber has to work. But you can work on your fiber because when a




customer hires you, they must check your fiber account pay and see how much experience you have or what work you know, what oil you have used, they will see you all but then your work. No one will give a job like this. In Fiber you must tell the customer which country you belong to or treat the customer well and explain the job to




them nicely and remember but you have to choose the geek no matter how much you compare or match with any other boy. The reason is that if your geeks are on the first page, then it is possible to get a job. If your geeks are on the first page, then you can easily get a job there. Tommer will knock you down.



It will be very easy for you to do your customer care in any country because Fast is a lot of work and if you know from Fiber on Fast Page you can bring you but you can easily get work from there and it is very easy to get job. You need to be aware of this and you have to remember that the free freelancing course.



work that you do in Fiber has to be delivered well because if the delivery does not work then you will not get your payment or you may be disabled again many times because Fiber There is more to your customer than giving priority to it and you



must remember to get married nicely to the customer or to take nice job especially with the customer but it will be very easy to get the job and if you want to create a fiber account you must have a number. And you need a Gmail and Fiber account type to add nicely and of course remember that the more active Fiber you are, the better your Fiber account will be.



If you need to be active in Fiber more and more you have to be active in Fiber account but you will get the job or the customer will give you a message. You must reply with the message but you will get a good salary from Fiber Fiber messages are given to the customer but if you do not reply to the customer immediately but you





will not give your party for late reply so you have to be Fiber active to get more work done and of course buyer request is a step at home which is a lot of customer post. You will see a lot of fiber and you will see it without requesting it. But if you read those tasks or the way the customer will suffer then you will understand whether you can do this job or you will be able to complete




your job in that time. Brother, if you don’t give the request, you won’t get the job and outside class X, remember, you know everything, whether you know the job or you can do so much. You will work there because if you do not understand the



work, then if your brother requests you to reverse brother request with Greek, but your fiber account may be disabled and later your fiber may be gone, you must be careful about that or be careful. Have to free freelancing course




The gigs have to be beautifully arranged and you have to make them with beautiful pictures because if your geeks are beautiful then it will be much easier for you to get the job because there are so many customers in the sky because the



more beautiful the customer will be able to give more work. Or the customer will knock you and your clicks will be read and the information will increase so you have to create nicely and how to choose the ones and give the articles nicely and give the price as much as you can or you will explain the price because if you give more you




Customers will not do the job. For this, customers will understand everything and make your gig beautifully. You will get the job from there. Below is a video that is made with this topic or made with fiber topic and made with fiber gig topic. Friends must watch the video and online. If you want, you can watch it again. I have given you the facility to download it again. You must download the video from below.  will watch the video carefully.




For your convenience, I have given you the full video. You can watch or download the video online from there and you must watch carefully. Someone has a lot to learn. Yes, we have made a video in full Bangla in the video where you can learn and understand the whole, so you must



download the video or watch the whole video after watching the video, but you will know everything about fiber, how to work and how to work with customers. Find out and how to do everything. You must watch the video and let us know in the comments where you have a free freelancing course.


Download video part -3



problem. Tell us all. We will try to solve the problem through your comments. So how to open your Fiber account today. I have shown everything, so friends, this video must be down Load and completely free for your convenience but we have given the video and made it public for you so friends you must watch the video and




we will come forward with our Fiber or Freelancing NX video and next post then friends we are Etujet Digital Marketing I will teach you completely free and those who want to learn digital marketing for free will stay with us but we have all kinds of videos and digital marketing videos. We will try to solve your problem by





commenting and so far we have given you three videos on our site and digital marketing. There are about 25 to 30 videos. We will give all the videos for free because these videos Or no one will give these completely free because we are



giving only free video and stay with us instead of learning freelancing. Please comment and let us know because you must comment for us for your convenience. Stay with us and stay by our side Tapan Da Stay well Stay beautiful Stay healthy free freelancing course techsitebangla.



Thanks Everyone



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