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govt money 2023 tech govt financial money



govt money 2023 tech govt financial money

Friends, today I will discuss an important topic with you. Many people have asked me how to apply for government jobs. And what does it take to apply? I will discuss with you.



Many government job recruitment in Bangladesh are published day by day. Many job vacancies are published in 2023 and many more job vacancies will be published in 2024. To apply for various govt jobs go to the govt site and apply.



govt jobs various recruitments are published here. Applications or recruitment for government jobs are published on this government site. This government job is Govt money 2023 tech site bangla. Friends, go to this government website and apply.



There are many educated brothers and sisters in our country who have passed honors or degrees. You are applying for government and various private jobs but are not getting jobs. Friends, you don’t have to bother looking for jobs anymore, you just go to the official website and apply.



All types of government job recruitment in Bangladesh are published. However, to get government jobs, you have to apply on the government website. Otherwise your application will be completely fake. In case of wrong application you will only lose the money but not the application.



Friends, those of you who are tired of searching for jobs are wasting money searching various job magazines. Government jobs are for them. No need to invest any money. You will get a government job if you apply only with your smartphone.


govt money 2023 tech

Various types of government job recruitment are published here. Here the requirement of various administrative jobs in Bangladesh is revealed. Such as Ministry of Lands. Bangladesh Fisheries Department. Bangladesh Electricity



Bangladesh Water Development Board Jobs Bangladesh Forest Department. Bangladesh Radio. Bangladesh Railway too. Bangladesh Shipping. Bangladesh road transport. Bangladesh Biman. Bangladesh Gas and Power. Bangladesh City Corporation.


Prime Minister’s Office Prime Minister Special Security Force. Bangladesh Transport BRTA. District Commissioner’s office. Supreme Court. District Sessions Court. Public University Bangladesh Engineering University govt money 2023 tech govt financial money.



Bangladesh Sadar Hospital. Bangladesh Ministry of Public Administration. You can apply for all types of jobs in this government organization on this government site. Friends, I am saying again that it is a government site.



Govt money 2023 tech site bangla. Moreover, you can apply for the jobs of various military forces of Bangladesh on this official website. Here all Bangladesh military jobs recruitment is published. Bangladesh Army Jobs Recruitment.



Bangladesh Air Force Jobs Recruitment Bangladesh Navy Jobs Recruitment Also Bangladesh Police Recruitment is published here. Rapid Action Battalion Recruitment is published here govt money 2023 tech govt financial money.


govt money 2023 tech site bangla

Bangladesh Ansar Recruitment is published here. Bangladesh Railway Police Recruitment is published here. Bangladesh Prison Guard Recruitment is published. Bangladesh Customs Recruitment is published.



Bangladesh Coast Guard Recruitment is published here. All types of job recruitment of Bangladesh Biman are published here. Brothers and sisters understand that all job recruitment in Bangladesh is published on this official site.



Stay with the government site to apply all your latest government jobs. So, friends, how to get a job in the temporary force today will discuss all the issues? Bangladesh has three types of military forces. Bangladesh Army govt money 2023 tech govt financial money.



Bangladesh Navy. Bangladesh Air Force Bangladesh military consists of three forces. So friends discuss in detail what you have to do to get army job. You know it is very lucky to get a job in Bangladesh Army. Very honorable job.



This job is not for everyone? First of all physical fitness is considered as qualification in Bangladesh army. Friends who are interested to join army you must have good fitness. Also your height should be minimum 6 feet 6 inches. Friends, after the publication of



government job recruitment, you will go to this government website to register or apply. After applying, your phone number will be informed about the examination center date through SMS. You should be present at the center around nine in the morning.


govt financial money 2023

And before appearing you must have some preparations. You should carry original copies of all academic certificates at the time of departure. You must cut your hair short before you go. There will be a swimming competition so you need to take a short pant.



After friends arrived at 9 A.M. Stand in line one by one. All of you will be allowed inside when the time is up. From there you will be directly taken to the exam center in the big field. Going to the field, first you will be tested for physical size. First the candidate’s weight height and chest size will be checked.



So after clearing your physical size test you have to face another second test. Physical fitness test. Here the medical officer will do your physical examination. Like if your hands and feet are fine and your eyesight is fine govt money 2023 tech govt financial money.



And should have eye sight 6.6. If your eyesight is less than this you will not be able to pass the physical test. Then your molars will be checked. Then your whole body will be thoroughly checked to see if you have any kind of fracture or bent or broken bone in your body.



If any kind of fracture or factor is found in your body then you will be considered unfit for physical medical examination. Then check each nail on your hands and feet to see if you have any kind of skin disease on your nails govt money 2023 tech govt financial money.


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Then check your full screen. If there is any skin disease on the skin, you will be rejected from the medical examination. After passing the said medical you have to participate in swimming. There will be a swimming competition inside the



cantonment and you have to participate in the swimming competition and pass. If you don’t know how to swim, you will be disqualified. Eating friends must know you. After passing your swimming test you will have to attend the final medical.


tech site bangla

In the final medical you will be subjected to various physical tests through machines. If the test results are all positive then you will be in the next stage. Then guys the next step is the written test. They have to participate in a short written test.



The written test marks are 100. And the time will be 1 hour 30 minutes. They have to answer the complete questions within 1 hour 30 minutes. Out of 100 marks you should get atleast 60 marks to pass.



If you get less than 60 marks you will not pass. The written exam questions will be on three types of topics. Bengali, English, Mathematics, General Knowledge. Essay on expansion here in Bengali or Application form, sentence structure synonyms antonyms.



may exist. If we come to English, application letter, paragraph, composition, synonym antonym. Gamma part etc. Moreover, if we come to mathematics, friends. Questions in Maths will be like this.



There may be percentage profit loss figures. Geometry may exist. Friends will bring you a better understanding of the subjects. So that you can do well in the exam. After clearing the written test they have to appear in an oral test.



In the oral exam you will be asked different types of questions and if you can answer the questions correctly then you will pass the exam. Friends will keep all your documents in case you pass the oral test and will be informed to come at a later date.



At a later date you will submit all your official documents there. Then within a few days there will be a police verification by the Bangladesh government that you are a citizen of bangladesh govt money 2023 tech govt financial money.



Also, whether your parents are not citizens of Bangladesh and whether you are a resident of the district from which you are applying, and whether your father owns land or a house. If these things are verified properly, you will get the job.


govt money 2023 tech site

To join the job you must undergo a one year training by the Bangladesh Army. You must work hard in this training. Here you will be taught parasailing. 1 year after your completion of training. You will be joined at your own workplace.



There are many jobs in Bangladesh Army. Here the salary of a soldier is 22 to 25 thousand taka per month. Moreover, there is a family ration or allowance every month. They have medical clamps for the whole family here govt money 2023 tech govt financial money.



If you fall ill, the government will bear all your medical expenses. When you retire from service you will get a financial retirement allowance from Bangladesh government. Moreover, friends, in case your sons and daughters want to work,



there is a pet quota here, so there is army quota, your sons and daughters can apply for jobs later. Thanks for being with us guys. To apply for such government job recruitment, go to the government site,



register and apply for the job. Food will be discussed with some other topic. govt money 2023 tech govt financial money Stay healthy stay well. Thank you,





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