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govt money 2023 tech site money 2023



govt money 2023 tech site money 2023

Assalamu alaikum friends how are you all I hope you all are well so friends how are you today completely free. Earn money online and how it works everyday very easily.


You can earn money from online and the latest news of 2023 to earn money. Site and new apps how you work and how it works take your money your banking YouTube  govt money 2023 tech site money 2023.



I will discuss everything in detail with you so read your post carefully only then you will understand how to work online properly and work online very easily by doinYou can understand.



everything about how to earn money online with your mobile or computer or laptop. Friends who want to work online already you must Govt money 2023 tech site money 2023.



Worked on many sites or worked on many apps because currently. Many people are working online with mobile. If you work online with mobile, you can work on different sites and in different



mediums because you can work with Facebook content if you want. Because many people are currently earning online by creating content on Facebook with mobile and they are the only ones.



They are earning money online with their mobile phones, but if you want to earn money online like them, you must work in the right way govt money 2023 tech site money 2023.



And you need to know the rules of work and how to create content with the right name and how to upload your content and through that content. You can earn from online and through this way



thousands of people are now earning from online just by hand mobile phone and you all create content on Facebook and upload videos on Facebook govt money 2023 tech site money 2023.



If you work you can earn. How to make your video on Facebook How to make your video on any of your content or on any topic? You don’t need to invite any money,



just make a video about anything with your mobile phone, you must follow the rules of Facebook and upload that video to Facebook, and this way you will work every day govt money 2023 tech site money 2023.



As a result of working you.If viewersIf you watch videos every day, you will get a profit from there and that profit will be your online income. Friends, currently many people are earning money from



Facebook, on the other hand, there is Instagram and on the other hand, you can earn money by creating same content and thousandsMillions of people today.



They are earning money by eTuking, they are constantly working on YouTube, but if you are a YouTuber, you can create content and according to the skills you have, open a YouTube channel and make



videos every day and upload that video to your YouTube channel. yoursIf you work on YouTube daily then it is seen that you can earn a lot of money from YouTube and currently thousands of people are earning money from YouTube.



However, there are many types of work categories, so guys, do the work that you have the skills and the work that you can do and the work that you can upload on your YouTube channel



every day because doing that kind of work will benefit your viewers and the kind of work that you can do. knoIf you know music then upload it on YouTube if you know something else,



if you know something else then make a video about it. So friends currently there are thousands of students and thousands.Un employed youths are earning by making videos on YouTube



and they are making content on Facebook. Your Facebook sim type work like YouTube. You can earn money by uploading videos on YouTube. You can earn money by making videos on



Facebook. So friends, how to open a youtube account with your right name. To open a youtube account, first of all you need to create a gmail and of course in your gmail.



You have to setup a number and then you have to login to your youtube with that gmail or you have to there through YouTube. You have to login and then you go to about option and you or your



friends go ahead and you have to open a channel here. To open a channel you must select a name and after selecting the name you have to give a profile and cover page there and then customize



your YouTube channelHow to customize YouTube channel.If you want to customize YouTube channel, you must be the first one. You have to click on edit customize, if you want to make the



channel related to the category you have, science and technology. If you want to challenge or want to do blogging there then select your blogging option if you want to select music or upload music



video then select your music and if you want to upload comedy video or funny video then comedy funny here Click on the videoYou must click on your category which category you want to leave the



video.You have to select that category and by selecting that category you have to leave the videos there. Then of course you have to put a thumbnail in your video and according



to the size of the video you have to work on YouTube as there are rules of YouTubeYou need to know how to create content.Then you have to put a pause in your video, then you have to put a



description box in the description box and you have to put a title and put a tag. And this same rule has been given by you to upload videos like this on YouTube. If you upload your video like this,



your video will get many views and then if you work like this every day, it is seen that every month you do your work according to that rule. You can earn 20,000 to 30,000 taka completely free from



YouTube. On the other hand, you can also earn Facebook income from SIM to SIM. And now thousands of people from your facebook and youtube govt money 2023 tech site money 2023.



They are earning by working with their mobile phone or computer laptop for free, so if your friends want to earn money sitting at home for free like them, then you can open a YouTube channel or a



Facebook page and you can do your work and the things you will work on. The thing is youYou will know more and the work skills you have, you can make videos on YouTube or your YouTube channel with



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that work skills. can work Through your YouTube and Facebook. You can earn money online very easily. It is possible to earn a lot of money through YouTube and Facebook if you work in the right way



then you can definitely earn by making videos through Facebook and YouTube and many types of income. There are like you. By working in promotion you can earn from there because you have many



people for video promotion. You can earn a lot of money by paying and promoting your videos and nowadays many people are making money in this way through YouTube and Facebook.



If you are correct in your correct rules. If you work online by creating content on YouTube and Facebook. You can earn money completely free in this you have to follow all the rules because if you don’t



follow the rules then it is not possible to earn money from here. So friends you can work on the work you like and the work you like on the content and you must remember that in the content you must



have your contact and your video must be made in someone else’s voice if you upload it from there. To earnYou can’t and you won’t get income from Facebook or YouTube.



You must create your own voice and create your content according to many rules. If necessary, upload your video according to the rules of Facebook and YouTube



Your videoMust Upload Of course if you read that rule or if you know that rule then you will be able to work properly and nowadays many students are doing YouTube and uploading videos on



Facebook and by uploading videos on Facebook and YouTube they are earning a lot of money online but you are like them. You can earn money from online if you work properly and currently YouTube



and Facebook money is paid every month and you can earn your income every month because the money you earn every month will be sent to your given banking number and every month a Every month



you will get and you can earn money in other ways by doing promotional work so friends you can earn a lot of money like this by uploading videos on YouTube or you uploading videos on Facebook.


And those who don’t like to work on youtube and facebook and if they don’t want to work then you have different income apps and there are different income sites you can earn online but



friends these sites and these apps you can work daily because these apps And works daily on the side of EskCan earn a lot of money.Students and those who are unemployed at home can earn from



there. Of course, you have to work every day and you have to work according to the rules given by the work. If you work according to your rules, then you can earn money from it online at home.



So friends who is working today and who is able to earn money by working online must tell us comment and who want to work with youtube and facebook must tell us comment and wait for our next


post for you next in the post how you from Instagram or how you from social media.How to earn money and how to work in the right name and how to do your work according to 2023 rules,



I will discuss everything with you in detail from A to Z, so please wait for our next post. Thank you all for reading the post carefully govt money 2023 tech site money 2023.


Allah Hafeez 



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