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Russia and Ukraine War Live News 2022


Russia and Ukraine War Live News 2022


Assalamualaikum friends how are you all hope all is well so friends I will discuss with you today more about the Ukraine war in Russia and discuss more about the current state of the war between Russia and Iran and the new news between Russia here Friends, read this post carefully


The current situation in Russia and Ukraine is very dire. The last three days of war have been going on. The situation in Ukraine and Ukraine is very terrible now because we have seen that war has been raging for the last 10 to 15 days. In three days they have killed 3000 Russian soldiers



and they claim to have taken over three cities and this war has shocked the net age and the western world and the citizens of Poland and Germany have applied for help and visa-free entry to the U.K. citizens and those who Those



who want to go to Poland, Germany and Poland must go and seek asylum there, and the US government has provided about  300 million in aid to UK citizens and the Prime Minister has said that they will fight to the end and defend


their sovereignty. No, Russia and Russia have strongly warned that they will go to war and occupy it. Crane enters the capital and says he wants to seize Ripon’s capital and seizes and surrenders to the Ukrainian army and the prime



minister here but Nastanabud says there will be no handful of concessions they will fight in the end. Took up arms and here the army and the president of Ukraine say civilians can fight and it has been seen that civilians have given up arms



and they are training and many civilians are sitting at home making bomb cocktails and it has already been seen that in many places in Russia They have called for an end to the anti-Putin attacks and have carried out raids and



rallies on their streets, and it has been observed that in such areas and in the United States, London and England, it has been widely observed that they are descending and holding meetings and rallies. It has been seen that many have pushed down their commercial hands and many of Russia’s foreign currencies



The Prime Minister of Canada has imposed sanctions on Russia, and Russian goods, Russian liquor, and many Russian minds have said that Russia has kept the country under lock and key. The European Union (EU) will not suffer any further losses if it stays below them.




The Biden administration has said that Russia’s foreign exchange reserves will be given to the big businessmen of their country. We have already seen the U.K. war in Russia and experts say that if the war in Russia does not last long and the European Union and Biden



administration will last a long time and the third day of continuous war between Russia and Iran and we know that Russia is very strong. A comparison of Ukraine has already shown that many citizens of Ukraine m The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base, killing at least 10 people and wounding at least 10 others.



So friends here we must work on what we should do in Rashed war we must save their lives in this America Canada and video open and NATO member countries if they come forward and the general population of Ukraine will not be able to



survive if this war is prolonged A lot of civilians will die here because Russia is a very big and powerful country and Russia is the second most powerful country in the world. Besides, Russia has a lot more troops than Ukraine.



Russia and its allies in the net and the United States and Canada must step in to save U-Can today or tomorrow. Attacks have caused a lot of damage in Ukraine and it has been observed that many Ukrainians are citizens of Poland and the Soviet Union. The Prime Minister of Ukraine has said that they will fight until the end of the war,



they will not surrender against Ross and it will be great until the war is over. They will continue to fight until they can defend their sovereignty. Putin, the Russian prime minister, has already said the opposite.


They have to take their lives, they can fight and fight, and in the UK they will be bombed, the symbolic government has said, and every government has said that if they do, they will force the army’s family and the government’s family to stop fighting and surrender. To Ukraine



US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has said in a statement that she will not leave the country anytime soon, but that she will not leave the country.



All will fight to the end and defend the soil hereAnd the Prime Minister of Ukraine has made it clear that they will fight to the end and defend their sovereignty, they will not hand over the sovereignty of their country to him, The Prime Minister of Russia has said that he will take charge of Ukraine



We should stand by Ukraine and give grants to the people of Ukraine, rehabilitate them and give them food because they have lost all their houses and lands and money. Will give and provide them with food and drink until Russia war is over and a decision has been made.



Friends, let us know the latest war news of Russia and Iran and stay with us to know more about Russia and Priya Khan’s war news Wait for and if you want to post more about what you want to comment you must let us know by


commenting then we will share or let you know about it and stay by our side and stay with us to know the latest news updates from Russia and Iran and we will keep you updated. Let us know your comments on Life and the war in Russia by commenting on who will win and who will win.



You will win by fighting till 6th. Let us know by commenting. One of your comments is important for us. Friends, we will discuss more about this with you in the next post. So, friends, stay well and stay healthy.


God bless you

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