how do add music to facebook story very easily



how do add music to facebook story very easily

Assalamualaikum friends how are you all I hope everyone is well so friends today I will show you how to get music on Facebook in Story and many people do not know how to put music in Facebook story using only one VPN and how to use it I will tell you everything Post Attention Read carefully



Then all you have to do is download the active VPN on your phone. Aunty will give you the link below for your convenience and from there you will download the vpn. You need to see if the VPN is connected. If it is connected then all you have to do is login to your phone if you have a Facebook account and the app is installed.




Must take and must and after installing must login to your phone and what to do after logging in: after logging in go directly to your facebook and after leaving facebook go to your story there go to facebook story and facebook id you have one Select the photo and below you have many features which are your location fabric.




Pull down the features that are there. You will see that you have music with them so that you can add music to the story. You can use a future like this very easily on Facebook. I told you today that you didn’t know how to do it.



You can use Facebook music in this way very easily in the story and it is absolutely free. It will not cost you any money. An app must be downloaded and this app must be installed on your phone and as long as you use it you must have your day connected to your phone.



You must have VPN connected and remember that if you use it you must have BNP installed on your phone and if this feature will go away from time to time because sometimes your conscience can show and many times like in BPL network then this feature will not come.



Maybe that’s why if you have such a problem, you must re-install BNP on your phone and re-install Facebook and install it again for the first time. Take Ray and after installing the two, all you have to do is first give your VPN to Sunny



and after connecting the VPN, all you have to do is go to your Facebook after listening to B-Panty and Facebook will go to your ID T-Fifteen Music AD and there you will get your visit and In this way you can use free music for life and from any country in Asia free music on Facebook is only



available in European countries and only a few countries in Asia that are very developed countries but Bangladesh has not given them because there are many more countries between Bangladesh India and Bangladesh. Music does not come to the countries that have it because



Music Fest Future Tech is not available on Facebook because all the features that we use on Facebook are not given on Facebook so we must use VPN that feature we can use for life. Everybody uses it like this, and when you use your friend, you don’t even think about how it is




possible. It’s one thing at a time, if you know how to use it properly and use it properly, then it is possible, friends, it is free and stag I can be used in this way. And you will get the singers of your choice and there are various types of audio clips and you can use them as music and you can use



one of only 15 seconds of music, you can use 50 of them. It is not possible to use more than one story in a single story and if you use more than one story they will not be a problem. You can use as much music as you like in 15 seconds and use your story. Remember that you must use the time on your phone.



Must be because your IP address will go to any other country and there are many developing countries in European countries like European countries there are many features on your facebook There are those who do not have a Facebook account on Facebook in our country




but many features can be used by ABP News and you will get a lot of features like Music Ben and there are many different types of features you will get new using only a VPN You guys know how easy it is to use music on facebook and I taught you this trick so you guys can use music on your facebook story in this way



VPN Download 



The next thing I want to talk about is if you use story music on Facebook like this and it suddenly goes away as it has been seen many times that the feature that I talked about will go away from the Facebook account at another time and it will go away again.



All you have to do is re-connect and uninstall your Facebook and re-install from Play Store and all you have to do after installing is to log in to your Facebook account again after installing and then your It takes a lot of time to get there and then because the IP address changes a lot so



your music feature can go away so I told you what to do so you can use it all your life without any problem and those who have problem must comment to us. We will try to solve your problem by commenting, so friends must let us know by commenting and who and how to use music on Facebook.



They will definitely let us know by commenting on Reshen Story and we will try our best to solve this problem and teach you something new so that you can use music on your Facebook story. Many friends from Bangladesh and Asian



countries can use Facebook for life by using music for life and you can use Facebook like development. You have also learned and you can use it all your life without any problem while using and who And if you don’t like it yourself or if the feature doesn’t come, please let us know



commenting. We will solve your comment through comments and of course you will let us know by commenting. Of course, there can be some kind of problem that you can’t use because music may not come That is why let us know by commenting and we will try to solve your problem through comments



Later I gave the link of VPN from there you will not download BPN and after downloading on the phone what I said must work correctly then you will get music on facebook you can use the feature in story for life you must remember vpn



on your phone All the time you have to use that feature, you must have your ears, BNP and if you don’t come, you must say those words. You can use the feature like the countries of Europe without any problem. You must remember to use your data. Every time you use Facebook, you will use panties.



The new feature of Facebook will come to the music feature and if it comes then you must use data because without data that feature will continue. No, because you have to use Facebook the way you normally would. If you follow these rules, you will be able to use music on Facebook



for the rest of your life. Please let us know by commenting. Of course we will try to solve your problem. Friends must comment to us. Below are the comment options. Please comment there. Please let us know. We will post on that topic and for your convenience.



We will help you on that topic. Friends, until then, you must be at peace and be by our side and wait for our next post. Thank you all so much. To read our post, friends, stay well, stay healthy, stay beautiful


Thanks everyone


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